Other Consulting

Qualcomm Research

Qualcomm Research. Consulting services on state of the art on security in industrial Internet of Things.

Motorola, Plantation, Florida

Motorola, Plantation, Florida, May 2000. Designed Architectures for Motorola's future Smart Phones utilizing impromptu service discovery, Sun Microsystems Jini and dual RF/local connectivity.

SHANDS Hospital, Florida

SHANDS Hospital, Florida, Jan 2002. Guided IT department in its Wireless Pilot Trail in which mobile devices were used and integrated with the hospitals existing workflow.

Motorola, Austin, Texas

Motorola, Austin, Texas, May - Aug 1998. Consulted for the Remote Computing Project and provided performance evaluation studies to a wireless thin/client setup over Nextels iDEN network.

Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, N.J.

Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, N.J., Apr 2000. Evaluated existing design schemes for scalable Home Multimedia Storage Servers and provided a comprehensive survey of the current developments and research.

Skill Dynamics: IBM Educational Center, Atlanta

Skill Dynamics: IBM Educational Center, Atlanta, May 1994. Georgia. Designed and taught a short course on the Design and Implementation of a Client-Server System.

MCC, Austin, Texas

MCC, Austin, Texas, Apr 1996. Conducted a research study on Mobile Transactions prior to joining MCC in June 1996.