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Die Presse, Austria

Die Presse, Austria, Aug 2011, article discussing the use of technology to help the Baby Boomer generation live independently as they age. View article.

Der Standard, Austria

Der Standard, Austria, June 2011, an article about the use of smart homes and domestic robots in support of health ageing and proactive health. View article.

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel, Beyond Tomorrow TV Show, Aug 2006. 15-minute program covering the Gator Tech Smart House, aired around the world.

University of Florida and IBM

A series of press releases and TV coverage of joint development between University of Florida and IBM on Open Standards for Smart Home & Future Connected Health Services (May - Sept 2007). View article.

Sun Sentinel

Sun Sentinel, Aug 2004. Article title: "Smart Home Thinks for Itself."

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review, Aug 2006. Article on Blind Navigation Technologies and systems.

Chicago Tribune (Sept, 2004)

Chicago Tribune, Sept 2004. Article title: "Tapping Technology for Elder Care." View article.

Herald Tribune

Herald Tribune, May 2004. Article title: "The Smart House: at UF, Matilda the Mannequin Is Helping Seniors Stay at Home, Independently." View article.

Chicago Tribune (Mar, 2004)

Chicago Tribune, Mar 2004. Article title: "A Robot May Help Improve Your Senior Home Life."

Chicago Tribune (May, 2004)

Chicago Tribune, May 2004. Article title: "A Smart Home for the Elderly." View article.

Robb Report

Robb Report, Mar 2004. Article title: "Smart & Wired: Safe At Home." View article.

Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel, Mar 2004. Article title: "Computers and Sensors Find a Home in a UF Seniors Project." View article.

Explore Magazine

Explore Magazine: Research at UF, Jan 2004. Article titled: "Smart House Keeps Tabs on Elderly," by Aaron Hoover.

UF Today The Alumni Magazine

UF Today The Alumni Magazine for the Gator Nation, Feb 2004, Article titled: "For the Elderly, UF's Experimental House Is a Smart Idea." View article.

New York Times

New York Times, Oct 17, 2002 (Technology Circuit Section), covering the Drishti project on blind navigation. Article title: "Step-by-Step Prompts Put the Blind on Track," by Thomas J. Fitzgerald. View article.

Gainesville Sun (Nov, 2003)

Gainesville Sun, Nov 2003. Article title: "House with a Brain UF Researchers Develop House for Aging People." View article.

Gainesville Sun (Apr, 2001)

Gainesville Sun, Apr 2001, covering Dr. Helals Mobile Computing Killer App Competition sponsored by Motorola. Article title: "UF Students Designing Gadgets to Sell Phones." View article.

Al-Shark Al-Awsat

Al-Shark Al-Awsat, Oct 23, 2002, covering the Drishti project on blind navigation. Based on the NYT coverage on Oct 17, 2002. View article.

Gainesville Sun (Jan, 1999)

Gainesville Sun, Jan 1999, reporting on the first wireless classroom trial at UF led by Dr. Helal. Article title: "UF Class is Going Wireless." View article.